Welcome to the blog for the Digital Collections Summit, Australia 2006

August 14, 2006

This blog will be maintained by Mal Booth, Head of Research Centre at the Australia War Memorial in order to keep everyone updated on the information coming from the national Summit on Digital Collections, being held in Adelaide on 16-17 August 2006.

The Summit and this blog will get underway on Wednesday morning, 16 August 2006. Until then, check out the main site (under Summit Links on the right) for further information.


2 Responses to “Welcome to the blog for the Digital Collections Summit, Australia 2006”

  1. Lise Summers Says:


    Hoped for a brief update at lunch, but obviously you are all being so wowed and motivated you have had no time to write.

  2. Sorry, there was no update at lunchtime because there was no available internet access (from a laptop) in the convention centre. At lunchtime I had to eat and give a showcase presentation to the lunchtime crowd on our digitisation programs at the Australian War Memorial, so my notes all need to be uploaded now. I’ll probably get some done before dinner, but it really was a full on day, so please excuse typos and spelling errors!


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