Workshop 2 – Issues for the Framework to address

August 17, 2006

Identification of the issues involved in meeting the diverse needs of collecting organisations with respect to their digital collections.
Facilitator: Dr Michael Henry, The Strategy Shop

Michael put together the common issues identified yesterday (see yesterday’s blog entry for my own attempt – apparently it was market research, not marketing).

1. Are they issues identified yesterday correct? The table I was on came up with these:
. Rationalisation
. Add collaboration
. Benchmarking against international good practice
. Capacity building for advocacy and leadership
. Preservation issue to cover all digital material, not just born digital
Others from the floor: interpretation, story telling roles; federated search & discovery of assets; equity of access to internet facilities; prioritising digitisation; impact measures; creative industries; broadband; content creation; merge standards with interoperability; merge education with training; broader and fundamental research; significance assessment; need for professional and organisation re-assessment or reinvention; facilitating sharing and exchange of knowledge and expertise; making the need for digitisation economically and politically an imperative; and the need for management or governance – a higher order purpose to argue the business case for this.

2. Are there three of the issues identified yesterday that are the highest priority to be addressed now? The top three from our table:
. Preservation
. Funding/resourcing/market research
. Skills & training
Others that we thought were important:
. Access to and re-use of collection
. Interoperability
. Standards
. Innovation and creativity
. Capacity building for advocacy and leadership
. Rationalisation

3. For these three issues – what specific aspects are particularly in common amongst all domains and what is not common?

. In archival domain the challenge is mainly born digital
. Libraries mainly are creating
. Museums and galleries have more of a mix and are still turning analogue to digital

. Market research seems common
. Funding for small institutions needs peak body support
. The source of funding may determine the priority of digitisation in libraries (targetted sponsorship
. Funding from private sources could skew priorities
. Depreciation funding is available at Federal level and not at state level
. Consistency of funding approaches
. Educating funding people, like finance people and auditors

. Finding and training the new skill set is a new challenge
. Training has to be relevant and deliver national competencies & be workplace related

My comment: Time eventually ran out and this kind of workshop is not the easiest thing in the world to blog about – you really had to be there!


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